About Pure&Clean Sports

About Pure&Clean Sports

Pure&Clean Sports is designed to help athletes.  Skin issues are a challenge for athletes at any age or level of competition.  In 2015 NY Giants TE Daniel Fells battled a skin infection resistant to antibiotics – MRSA.  Other professional and amateur athletes have missed training, competition, or even had their careers cut short due to skin infection.  Pure&Clean Sports believes that this should not happen!

Pure&Clean Sports is a company that loves sports. We believe in the discipline, focus, and life-skills that are learned through sports. Our Give-back program helps programs raise money for gear. Our products help to protect athletes from infection without harming them with harsh chemicals.

If you’re not healthy, you’re not at your best. P&C Sports helps keep you healthy so you can train the way you want to, rest the way you want to, and win the way you want to. Athletes deserve the best opportunity to perform, and P&C Sports products were designed by athletes for athletes.

We know what it’s like to be less than your best due to an infection. We’ve experienced Staph Infections, Fungal Infections, and others. P&C Sports products work better than any other product, and our products don’t tear down your body.

How does it work?

Pure&Clean Sports offer hypochlorous acid (HOCl) based solutions. HOCl is a naturally occurring chemical that is produced by our neutrophils (a white blood cell that fights bacteria and inflammation after trauma). HOCl is not new, but our process and high-quality ingredients are unmatched in the market place. This is proven by our HOCl industry-best 18 month FDA approved shelf life for P&C Sports Skin Defense* – not impacted by opening.

P&C Sports also offers an extremely powerful hospital-grade EPA registered disinfectant/sanitizer that kills a multitude of labeled pathogens including C. Diff, MRSA, Noro and Rhino virus–killing all these pathogens with HOCl rather than extremely harsh and dangerous chemicals found in most disinfectants.

With all the infections and superbugs attacking athletes from youth to professional, it’s time for a serious change. HOCl kills unlike any other chemical. The result – total cellular destruction.

Pure&Clean Sports Disinfectant/Sanitizer works using the following steps:
– Super oxygenated water kills all aerobic and anaerobic organisms.
– HOCl stops electron transport (cellular respiration).
– HOCl denatures the proteins involved with DNA and RNA synthesis.
– The lipid bilayer of the cell is dismantled.
– Cytosol is oxidized.
– ATP is oxidized.

The result of this process is cellular ash. Leaving nothing behind to mutate.

P&C Sports Skin Defense also uses HOCl. Skin Defense* is a FDA cleared medical device.

Pure & Clean Sports products are produced by electrolyzing salt water in an anode chamber of an electrolyte cell. An electro –chemical reaction takes place and it converts an aqueous solution of Sodium Chloride (salt water) into electrolyzed water. The solution at that point contains >99.3% super oxygenated water, with the remaining solution being chloride salts and Hypochlorous Acid.

The amazing thing about HOCl is that even with a powerful kill potential, HOCl is non-cytotoxic and safe for use around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth – making it a wonderful solution for preemptive protection.**

Hypochlorous Acid is a weak acid (similar pH to intact skin), is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies and the same chemical that our own white blood cells produce to fight infection and kill bacteria. The overwhelming impediment to its widespread use has been shelf stability. Pure & Clean Sports solved that issue and now this solution holds a unique place as one of the only agents known that is:

1. Nontoxic to the delicate cells that heal our wounds and protect us – P&C Sports Skin Defense*

2. A lethal Disinfectant/Sanitizer to labeled bacteria and viruses that threaten our health – P&C Sports Disinfectant/Sanitizer.

*Pure & Clean Sports Skin Defense is not to be used as an antimicrobial disinfectant or sanitizer to kill or mitigate bacteria, viruses or pests on any surface. Please use our Disinfectant/Sanitizer.

**Reduction in microbial growth in solution has not shown to correlate with a reduction of infection in patients. No clinical studies have been performed to evaluate reduction of infection.

Giving Back

There’s no better way to learn about hard work, teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and achievement than sports! Whether you’re supporting your favorite Olympic Athlete, or your little brother’s tee-ball team, we want to help.

Each time you order Pure & Clean Sports Products, we can giveback 15% of your order to the organization of your choice. Then we allow you to share through our social media to help bring awareness to your organization. We LOVE SPORTS!