What are the top athletes saying about Pure&Clean Sports??

"Pure&Clean is an amazing company for the simple fact that their solution protects the mat and my skin while doing no harm.  That is my favorite part." 

Tamyra Mensah-Stock

World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist

"Pure&Clean is the easiest and safest product to use.  It has always done its job keeping my skin clear, on and off the mat." 

J'Den Cox 

World Champion and Olympic Medalist

"I had a little scare with a skin infection while I was at camp before the World Championships.  Luckily I had plenty of Pure&Clean and was able to get it cleared up in time to win the World Title."  

Kyle Dake 

World Champion and Olympic Medalist

-Use Skin Defense before and after practice for all those cuts, scrapes, and mat burns 

-Especially at those all day tournaments where showers are not accessible 


-Use Mat Cleanser on your mats and equipment. 

-Including shoes, headgear, wrestling dummies, weights.